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100% all new build using a new chassis and all new parts. Also called the PAS-M, this Dynakit PAS Tube preamplifier sounds amazing with the warmth, sparkle, imaging and detail that is missing in so many modern designs. This PAS Tube Preamplifier includes four brand new factory fresh JJ Electronics 12AX7 tubes. These are "long plate" preamp tubes and are fantastic sounding. The sale also includes one (NOS)  Sylvania Black Plate 12X4 rectifier tube.

The Features:

Tubes Included: 

Careful consideration is given when choosing components for the preamp that will contribute to, support and reveal the beautiful details and amazing sonic characteristics of vacuum tubes. Even order harmonics are favorable to the western musical scale and are more pleasing to the ear than the harsh and fatiguing odd order harmonics associated with with solid state.  You won't find any bright, shallow or edgy sound here.

This preamp convinced me that modern "box" style capacitors can and do sound great. Even though I'd used them many times before in a different preamp design that had a completely different circuit, it just never really sounded that great like the original Dynaco circuit does. This PAS preamp uses the original Dynaco PAS circuit populated with "box" style radial caps, I'm thoroughly impressed. It sounds stunning. 

Most people have never had the chance to listen to a properly functioning PAS, especially an all new and nicely outfitted one like this. Many opinions have been formed based on listening to a "garage sale" grade unit which was just removed from long term (and usually improper) storage or have tried using a unit that is simply worn out from decades of previous service, not exactly a means for a valuable assessment. Long periods of dormant storage are the #1 enemy of electronics. Also, many of those preamps were assembled with poor soldering and improper wiring. This one is built right and I'm confident in saying it's on par with other tube preamps costing considerably more. 

The aluminum faceplate has updated (modern) nomenclature printed on around the selector knob, it matches the selectors functions and also the rear panel orientation and label. Again, the indicated selector functions match the rear panel labeling and follow the designated order on both the faceplate and the rear panel label. There are no provisions for a filter, loudness or tape monitor switch, those functions are eliminated. The stereo to mono blend switch is also omitted, and the volume control is relocated above the balance knob as shown in the photo.

The rear panel has jacks for 5 line level (high level) inputs and one phono input and there's a phono ground post.

I have paired this PAS with a new Dynaco ST-35 for testing and burn-in, the results were wonderful, as expected. This is what a Dynaco PAS is supposed to sound like. Very pleasing, warm, lush and detailed with the glitter and nuances we love so much. 

This is an all new, brand new build using all new parts and components.

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PAS Preamp Dimensions:

*These are the maximum measurements taken at the tallest point, widest point and a depth measurement that was taken from the outer edge of the rear mounted RCA jacks to the front edge of the control knobs. Having cables attached will increase the depth requirements.

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