dynaco / dynakit mk iii tube amplifier

assembled, tested and ready to ship 




These MKIII amplifiers include the tubes listed below


about the Dynakit MK III Monoblock

Assembled with a complement of high performance and reliable components to ensure the performance and sonic capabilities. Tested and burned in, ready to go!

These amps are cosmetically and electrically identical in every way, they have consecutive serial numbers, they're a true matched pair.

I've included the necessary wiring to the front mounted PTO sockets for those who may want to use these amps to drive a pair of Dynaco PAM mono preamplifiers. This does not limit the amps use with other preamplifiers in any way. These MK III's can still be used with a PAS or virtually any other preamplifier.

An amplifiers job is simply to amplify, that's what these do and they do so in spectacular fashion. Your preamp and speakers will ultimately complete and determine the end result of your systems sound. These amps are very transparent and have the power to push even large speakers to incredible listening levels. Simply the ultimate in stereo separation and realism, these monoblock amplifiers will deliver the music like nothing else can. One of the very best mono tube amplifiers ever made.

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These MK III amps feature Premium Dynakit 80/40/30/20uF multi section capacitors which are rated for 550V (600V surge). This is a higher grade "special design" multi-section can capacitor containing (4) discrete “low ESR” high voltage caps.

Each amplifier has a genuine Dynakit P-782 power transformer plus a an A-431 Output Transformer - The original (vintage) transformers are inarguably excellent, but they were designed to operate on 117 volts (think 1950's). Today's household AC current is often near and occasionally higher than 125 volts, so the use of a "step down" or "bucking" transformer is necessary to reduce the voltage down to a safe operating level for any vintage amp having its original transformers. These modern Dynakit transformers are manufactured to work from standard, modern 120-125 volt household AC current. They operate cooler, produce less distortion and outperform vintage transformers in every category. These transformers were reverse engineered from the original designs using many modern manufacturing technologies and superior insulations. These are super high quality USA made transformers that meet and exceed every aspect of the originals. Modern advancements in materials, combined with traditional methods and better technologies used in the manufacturing has resulted in absolutely superb transformers that produce improved sonics and cleaner power. These transformers provide less distortion and increased reliability. 

Each amplifier has a genuine Dynakit C-354 filter choke. These are fully encased in a metal housing for excellent shielding and won't leak and goop up your chassis like the old design could. The C-354 is varnish dipped for moisture resistance, improved electrical insulation and reduced vibration.

An inrush current limiter is incorporated into the AC mains to gently apply power during initial start up.

Each MK III circuit board is a stock Dynaco PC-1 using the original circuit and a single 6AN8A tube. 

The amps feature CDE (Cornell Dubilier) 940 Series Capacitors for outstanding sonic performance and reliability. 

The resistors used are carbon films and metal films for superb accuracy while retaining the warmth and even order harmonics so desirable in tube amplification. Even order harmonics are favorable to the western musical scale and are more pleasing to the ear than the harsh odd order harmonic distortion created by transistors.

The bias and power supply features 100uF 100 Volt rated electrolytic capacitors for outstanding electrical performance.

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All of the wiring is 22 AWG USA made stranded wire and is carefully and properly routed and secured in the chassis. 

The amplifier incorporates the original bias circuit and traditional adjustment pots.

Original style screw terminal speaker jacks for 4Ω , 8Ω  and 16Ω  ohm loads.

Genuine Dynakit mirror Polished stainless steel chassis.

MKIII Dimensions:

DYNACO Mark III Mono Tube Amplifiers