DYNACO ST-35 Tube Amplifier

dynaco dynakit stereo 35 tube amplifier for saleSEE HOW TO BUY IT where can I buy a new Dynaco or Dynakit Tube Amplifier. Get a new tube amp here.


Brand new, just assembled and tested, premium tubes included. It's been burned in and is ready to ship. Regarded as one of the best sounding stereo tube amplifiers ever made. This one includes an arsenal of upgrades and features. The clarity, controlled detail, channel separation and holographic presentation produced by the ST-35 is just magical. 

Photos are of the actual amplifier being offered.

Brand new build with 100% brand new parts, assembled, tested and ready to ship

The Features:

The Dynaco ST-35 is often considered the best sounding of all Dynaco tube amplifiers. Despite endless and elaborate descriptions you hear about tube audio, there is no real way to convey the actual sound and experience in words. Tubes sound natural and more realistic. The presentation is vibrant, alive and soothing, extended periods of listening are a pleasant experience. 

Careful consideration is given when choosing components for the amp which will contribute to and support the sonic characteristics of vacuum tubes. Even order harmonics are favorable to the western musical scale and are more pleasing to the ear than the harsh odd order harmonic distortion created by transistors. You won't find any bright, shallow or edgy sound here. 

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Utilizing solid state rectification, independent circuit boards for each channel, EL84 output tubes and a dual triode driver stage, the ST-35 is nothing short of amazing. The holographic detail, warmth and sparkle of the ST-35 makes for an unforgettable "tube audio experience".

Includes the Dynakit C-354 choke which drops the noise floor substantially.

Carbon Film Resistors with one Audyn Q4 (.22uF@400V) Metallized Polypropylene Film capacitor and a pair of axial lead Vishay HQ-1839 series Coupling Capacitors (.1uF @ 850V polypropylene film) per channel.

The circuit boards have upgraded Belton Gold Contact Tube Sockets.

The current production Genuine Dynakit transformers are made for modern day voltages (125V), you do not need a voltage reducer like you would with a vintage amplifier.

The ST-35 utilizes cathode follower bias so there's no checking, setting and adjusting needed, ever.

The amp is fully wired with 600 volt rated stranded wire and soldered with Kester 67/37 eutectic solder.

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ST-35 Dimensions:

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