GETDYNACO.COM is your connection for brand new, collector quality, Dynakit / Dynaco tube stereo components. 

GETDYNACO is a preferred OEM Dynakit builder. See the link on the Dynakit website

I build each Dynakit component sold here, personally. I do not outsource anything, ever. I approach each build like I were planning to keep it myself. Welcome to GETDYNACO, my name is Kenny, here a man's handshake and his word still mean something. 

The value in my builds exceeds the cost of owning them. The rewards are dynamic, tangible and lasting. Music creates a mood, brings back memories and helps make good times better, it adds to the quality of life for many people. If you're still with me here, then you likely know exactly what I'm talking about, you get it.... and when you know, you "GETDYNACO". 

Tube stereo gear isn't for everybody, especially those who are exceedingly impressed with over-complicated modern-day gadgetry. Simplicity, it's often overlooked and underrated concerning superior performance and design, yet it is fundamental. It's about experiencing music with realistic detail, warmth and sparkle, as revealed by vacuum tube amplification. It's for those who appreciate old world craftsmanship, the quality of hand built components and recognize the effort it represents. With the "digital world" closing in, there's few things which can satisfy as well as listening to the great music we love, the way it was meant to be heard, something which has been largely lost to the "smartphone" society.

If you're one of those guys who makes audio decisions based on forum rumors, number trivia and marketing hype, then you may have a hard time understanding how something this rudimentary can perform so well.  The answer is quite simple actually. Information can be misleading, as readily as it can guide. Sometimes what is claimed to be, or appears to be better, according to data, logic and say-so, doesn't actually, in reality, sound so good to our ears. I rely on the "how does it sound" principal, real world auditioning. If it sounds good, that's what matters. Why sterilize the sonics just to conform to engineering principles, numbers and data? Quality circuit design, superior parts and the "classified: Top Secret" assembly techniques we use make these rather simple components sound amazing. See what others have to say on our reviews page.

Seriously, these Dynakit tube stereo components sound stunning! The old-world retro style is nostalgic, the reliability is legendary. These are proven designs which have survived the test of time. Dynaco truly is "Classic Audio Americana". They are reasonably priced, especially when viewed in comparison to the "big name" brands or boutique type units. Pound for pound they're tough to beat, in any class or category. So, if you are tired of listening to music in Black & White.......GETDYNACO ! 

Although not affiliated with Dynakit, over the years a solid business relationship and great friendship has developed between us. I have even been involved in some of their product design, development, testing and evaluation. Kevin is a great guy and has done a wonderful job making the modern Dynakit possible. 

Keep in mind, you're not just paying for parts and labor, you're paying for an experience. In the end, the value of owning these products is always greater than their cost. 

The focus of my business is on New Dynakit and Dynaco Audio products. I source directly from Dynakit and acquire my "special" parts from reputable distributors, to ensure I get fresh stock high quality components. I do not provide tech support, repairs, upgrades, or modification services outside of the products I build or sell, my shop is not open to the public.

Thanks again for checking out my site. Looking forward to hearing from you. Questions or comments? Click Here, let's talk.

Kenny  Russell

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