GETDYNACO.COM is your connection for brand new, collector quality, Dynakit / Dynaco tube stereo components

GETDYNACO is an OEM Dynakit builder.  See the link on the Dynakit website

I build each Dynakit component sold here, personally. I do not outsource anything, ever. I approach each build like I were planning to keep it myself. Welcome to GETDYNACO, my name is Kenny, here a man's handshake and his word still mean something. 

The value of these components is greater than their cost. The rewards are dynamic, tangible and lasting. Music creates a mood, brings back memories and helps make good times better, it adds to the quality of life. This is an investment in pleasure, comfort and relaxation. Keep in mind, you're not just paying for parts and labor, you're buying an experience. 

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Although not affiliated with Dynakit, over the years a solid business relationship and great friendship has developed between us. I have even been involved in some of their product design, development, testing and evaluation. Kevin is a great guy and has done a wonderful job making the modern Dynakit possible. 

The focus of my business is on New Dynakit Tube Audio products. I source directly from Dynakit and acquire my "special" parts from reputable distributors, to ensure I get fresh stock and genuine high quality components. I do not provide tech support, repairs, upgrades, or modification services outside of the products I build or sell, my shop is not open to the public. Thanks again for checking out my site. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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