If you have decided to make a *purchase, that's great!  CLICK HERE to get started. Once your order is clarified, and we reach a purchase agreement, I will email you an itemized invoice with detailed pricing, payment instructions and the mailing address. Upon receipt of your payment, a confirmation email is sent, once the payment clears, a copy of the invoice marked as PAID is sent to you. At that time your unit will be shipped promptly if it is already built or will be placed in que for special order builds. Two-way communication and confirmations are very important. I will always keep you informed, every step of the way. Please be respectful and do the same, let's work together.

Send payment by cashiers check, money order, or a bank draft only. To facilitate timely and reliable delivery of your payment, only use the following service,  USPS Priority Mail (flat rate envelope). It is important to have reliability, and a tracking number to follow. $10.00 will be deducted from your invoice to pay for the cost of sending your payment properly. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use registered or certified mail, which travels as first class mail (slower) and requires a signature at the time of delivery. Due to ongoing operational problems within USPS, delivery times are irregular and unpredictable, this has proven quite problematic.

Getting your order out is a priority, I won't keep you waiting. Your order will ship with *FedEx. Once your payment has cleared, shipping details and tracking information are provided. Once shipped, FedEx provides tracking, notifications and delivery updates directly. If you prefer, your shipment can be sent to a specific FedEx "Hold at Location" point near you, where at your convenience,  you can provide a signature and pick up your package. You can also redirect your shipment yourself via the FedEx website. Inspect your delivery thoroughly and promptly upon arrival and report any damage immediatly. Failure to report damage in a timely manner will limit your ability to file a claim. In the event there is damage, please retain all packing materials and photo document everything, including the inner packing, box and damages.

These are pre-built components that are ready to go. These are sold on a first come first serve basis. I can only hold an item you have verbally committed to purchase for 24 hours, until I receive a tracking number and/or photo of your payment/check. If I have not received your tracking/photo payment confirmation, or some type of validating communication after 24 hours, the unit will be placed back on the market for sale. Once payment is received and clears your order will be shipped promptly.

These are custom built components and are always paid for in full, in advance. These components will have a 3-5 week production period, each one is custom built for you. It takes time to receive the components, tubes and special parts or options you may have selected. I'll need time for assembling and testing the unit. Usually there will be a few orders to complete before I get to your build. I operate on a first-come first-serve schedule. My goal is to get your unit ready as soon as possible however in the spirit of quality I never get in a rush. I want it done right, just like you.

*Sales are limited to buyers in the lower 48 US States. No shipping outside the lower 48 US States.

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