If you have decided to make a purchase, that's great! I'm on it, Click Here and let me know. (Please include your phone number, if we need to talk). I will email you an invoice with itemized details, payment instructions and provide the mailing address. Once payment has arrived, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the invoice marked as PAID. Two-way communication and confirmations are very important. I will always keep you informed. Please be respectful and do the same. Let's work together.

I take payments by cashiers check, bank draft, money order or personal check. When mailing your payment, use one of the trackable USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Products . It is important to have a tracking number we can both follow. Courier services like UPS or FedEx are also reliable and provide tracking. Do not send as certified or registered mail, these have proven to be problematic for the local postal employees.

I ship all orders with FedEx, insured for the full purchase price. Shipping details and tracking information will be provided when your order is complete, packed, and ready to ship. Delivery notices will be provided by FedEx. Your delivery will require a signature due to the insurance.

These components are sold on a first come first serve basis. I can only hold an item you have verbally committed to purchase for 24 hours, until I receive a tracking number and/or photo of your payment/check. If I have not received your tracking/photo payment confirmation, or some type of communication after 24 hours, the unit will be placed back on the market for sale. Communication and confirmation are very important. I will always keep you informed. Please be respectful and do the same. Let's work together.

These components are always paid for in full, in advance. These components will have a 3-4 week production period, each one is custom built for you. I need time to order and receive the major components, the smaller parts, plus any special parts for options you have selected. Then, of course, I need time for assembling and testing the unit. Usually there will be a few orders to complete before I get to your build. I operate on on a first-come first-serve schedule.

If you need more information or have questions Click Here, let's talk.

  Kenny Russell

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