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"Music is the soundtrack of your life"

 .... Dick Clark

Dynaco "Audiophile" ST-70 & PAS:

Very Nice...Can't imagine anything better for what I've invested.  

Thank You ....Nice Job

Mark M.

Dynaco PAS:

The PAS is just lovely. The phono preamp is one of the best I've ever heard.

Steve V.     DYNACO ST-35 Review

Dynaco ST-70:

 Hi Kenny. Just wanted to give you an update. System is performing wonderfully and enjoying it so very much.  At this point I probably have about 50 hrs of playing on it. If I listen to after shortly after power up it sounds a bit better than the Class A monoblock solid state system I have. But if I warm it up for an hour or so first it becomes quite a different animal leaving the solid state system far back in the rear view mirror!  The sound stage opens very wide and gains a whole bunch of depth resulting in a completely holographic presentation. Instruments get a lot of separation, become very smooth, and overall become richly toned. Quite amazing!  Makes classical music feel like I am sitting in the symphony hall (I was actually at a live symphony last evening of Beethoven’s 9th)! Thank you again for this build of the ST70. It performs well beyond any of my expectations! Thank you!

William P.

Dynaco ST-35:

 Loving the amp for sure.   Selling the $5k (new) Pass Labs XA25 and $9k (new) CJ ET5.  That about says it all.   Marriage made in heaven with the Cornwalls

Chet M.     DYNACO ST-35 Review

Dynaco ST-70:

WOW! Blown away. I haven’t had a chance to set the new beast up until today. Man, does it sound fantastic. 

Jesse F.

Dynaco ST-35:

Hey Kenny.  Been playing with the amp all morning.  It's quite good!  I honestly wasn't expecting it to be so small but that's not an issue, it sounds fantastic.  We do have one problem though.  What do I do with my other amps now that this one has kicked them to the curb?  Seriously, I've been swapping in and out gear this morning and comparing and I'm firmly believing that this little ST35 has outperformed my small solid state amp and my single ended 6L6 amp with very high end parts used throughout.  I wasn't expecting there to be this big of a difference between them for sure, much less embarrass them by how much more real and musical the ST35 sounds.  It's kind of revelatory.  Having dabbled in "high end" for quite a while it takes a lot for a product to impress me and even out of the gate this morning and the very few hours I've got on it, it's already proving itself to be an exceptional piece.

Steven Z.     DYNACO ST-35 Review

PAS Preamplifier:

I've been using the PAS preamp for over a week with CD's and vinyl hooked up to my VanAlstine Ultravalve and a 300B kit amp that I built years ago. I am very pleased with the pleasant presentation of the music and the build quality of the preamplifier. 

Curtis  Preamplifier Review

Dynaco MKIII pair and PAS Preamplifier:

We got home last night I just had to hear "Tennessee Whiskey," with my buddy's sound fresh in my ears. My wife and daughter witnessed me being reduced to tears. It's the definition of Eureka! I have found it! The perfect sound I have been searching for my entire life. It's finally in my living room, the search is over. The Experience is now at my fingertips. There's a power threshold I was never able to meet before...where the volume is too loud for comfort, yet still crystal clear, with bass as intimidating as the footsteps of Godzilla. I'm there now, I had my ears ringing yesterday. I got some stuff to do this morning, then we'll see what music the afternoon calls for. I do not intend to treat the Experience casually, I must approach it with gratitude and give it my full attention. I won't even attempt to describe it with audiophile superlatives...

Philip W.  Preamplifier Review MKIII

Dynaco PAS Preamp:

Thanks for the awesome Dynaco preamp. I bought my daughter a ST70 that you made a couple of years ago, you make some great sounding gear. And the construction is just beautiful. I know you’re not making much of a profit doing this, so it must be mainly out of enjoyment. Thanks so much for making these. I’m including pictures of my daughter’s stereo with your amp and preamp.

Jeff    Preamplifier Review

"Your workmanship suggests you also take a lot of pride in the products you build & sell" 

Kevin D. (owner, Dynakit Inc.)

Stereo 70 Tube Amplifier and PAS-M Preamp:

It is dead quiet and the sound is very musical with my older Paradigm speakers. 

William M.   Dynaco ST-70 Review

Dynaco ST-35:

Amp sounds great! I want to thank you again for building such a high quality product. Also, thanks for the tube education.

Brian C.    DYNACO ST-35 Review

PAS-M Preamplifier:

"With the new preamp you made, this shimmer comes through more clearly more defined more vibrantly than any other preamp I’ve ever heard" 

Daniel M.   Preamplifier Review

Dynaco ST-35:

The system sounds amazing. I have so much work to do still because I literally have not been able to get up from my chair for hours. I keep putting on just one more song and then one more after that. Thank you for everything. You’re the best.

Jonathan N.

Dynaco ST-70 and PAS Preamplifier:

Kenny built me a Dynakit ST-70 and a PAS preamp. They work great and sound outstanding. He was very responsive and the units were delivered in the agreed time frame. I would not hesitate to use again.

Keith C.     Dynaco ST-70 Review

Dynaco ST-35:

Kenny, this is insane. How did you do this? May I ask if you built a ST-T 70 with no holds barred, how much better could it get compared to what I am experiencing now? All I can say is wow!

Richard R.     DYNACO ST-35 Review

Dynaco MKIII monoblock pair:

Just beautiful..!  I'm sure David Hafler would be VERY proud of the improvements and quality you've put into this project... I'm sure these would keep up with any current mega buck amplifier out there, and perhaps even out-perform some of them..!

Robert G.

PAS Preamplifier:

The Dynaco PAS-3 preamplifier sounds great  and is perfect match with my amplifier. I really enjoy listening to vinyl with this setup. The build quality of the preamplifier is top notch and looks great inside and out. Great communication and customer service.  


Dynaco ST-35:

When I opened the package, it was packed very well. I was happy with the quality build and the care to detail. When I started to listen, the sound stage was excellent, the instrument accuracy and the bass tightness was surprising for such a small package. My wife even said it sounded warmer and richer. I highly recommend this amplifier. I couldn't find any real shortfalls. Thanks, Kenny, you were great to work with.

Tom B.

Dynaco ST-70:

"Kenny, Kenny, Kenny!!! Holy S**t, This thing just gets better" 

Gary C.     Dynaco ST-70 Review

Dynaco ST-35:

What an amazing little amp (dynaco st35). I have many tube amps but this has become my favorite. I’ve sat there for hours just mesmerized by the sound coming out of this tube amp. Item description was dead on. Excellent build quality. Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from again. The amp was packed so well FedEx could have kicked it all the way to my house and it would have survived. Anyway thanks for a great transaction. I’m truly enjoying my purchase. You certainly know what your doing.

George S.     DYNACO ST-35 Review

Dynaco ST-70:

Outstanding! superb construction, exceptional packing, ultra fast shipping and literally plug and play. Most impressive purchase and I'm exceedingly happy.

E. Viron     Dynaco ST-70 Review

Dynaco ST-70:

It's hard to overstate just how good this transaction went. The product (an amplifier) is a gorgeous example of care in the entire transaction. Outstanding product and seller. thank you..AAAAAA


Dynaco ST-70:

This was a 100%, 5 star transaction. The amp was shipped promptly, the packaging was beyond excellent. One could tell a lot of care and thought was put into insuring the package would arrive damage free. There was even a follow up conversation concerning the proper set up and other important information. Seller was friendly and helpful in every way. I will certainly seek out this seller for any future dynaco or tube amp concerns. Not to mention, the amp sounds wonderful! Thanks!

Lindsey    Dynaco ST-70 Review

Dynaco PAS:

An absolute work of art! Fantastic preamp, and THE BEST customer service on the planet! Thanks for everything Kenny, your workmanship is five star all the way!!!

Mark L. Preamplifier Review

Dynaco ST-70:

A++ buying experience. The amp is just wonderful. It looks and sounds superb!!!!

Brian L.    Dynaco ST-70 Review

Dynaco ST-70:

A nice guy all around. As for the equipment I received, I’m as happy as can be. This tube equipment has literally been transformative to my listening experience. A+++++


Dynaco ST-70:

Absolutely love my unit! This has got to be the greatest customer experience I've had in years. The communication was timely and accurate. I never felt pressured or thought I was being "sold something". The Dynakit based Preamp PAS-3(M) sounds amazing. It's the perfect combination of Vintage and New technologies.

James T.    Dynaco ST-70 Review

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ST-70 Tube Amplifier:

"a true artist, his quality is untouched, I have been in this racket for years, by far the best work I've ever seen,better than Dynaco themselves and that's saying a lot, pay a little more it's well worth it" 

Scotty S.

ST-70 and PAS Preamplifier

Get Dynaco / Kenny Russell has provided me with an excellent Amp and Preamp. His service and advice has been top class. I highly recommend these products. I will in the future order additional products from Kenny. Keep up the Great Work


Dynaco ST-35:

Just a quick note to say “Thank you!” You do great work and I am really enjoying the ST-35 you built. I have been playing it with my Altec Valencia’s and also the Lii F15 open baffle speakers. It sounds great!

Joe B.     DYNACO ST-35 Review

ST-70 Tube Amplifier:

Several weeks ago I purchased two Dynaco ST-70 from Kenny. He discussed potential options with reference to upgrades and then went about building both units quickly and with extreme precision - as I waited for the day when they would arrive. In the interim, Kenny provided diagrams that explained how to configure the amps as mono blocks. The amps arrived in less than three weeks. They were well packed and beautiful to see upon unboxing. After installing the tubes, getting the speaker wires hooked up, and plugged in the power - it was time to see them light up. And light up they did. Within a couple of moments, out came sweet beautifully separated stereo music owing to the mono block configuration. The notes, chords, vocals, strings and any other instrument playing through my Klipsch's were crisp and clear in ways I had never heard before. I quickly learned the meaning of listening to music though tube amps. I suddenly knew why I had wanted a tube amp for years. Wonderful, staggering, mind blowing, heavenly, precise, and real. In the end, there was nothing more to ask for...These amps sound great!!!!  

Lee P.     Dynaco ST-70 Review  ST-70 Review

Dynaco ST-35:

"Stunning build quality. Very happy with my new amp. Thanks again!" 

Steve M.    DYNACO ST-35 Review