DYNACO STEREO 35 (ST-35) Tube Amplifier

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$1,199.00 + $110.00 Shipping

This is the special order ST-35. The base price shown is without upgrades, options or tubes. 

These ST-35 amplifiers have a 3-4 week production period, as each unit is custom built and outfitted with your favorite options. It takes some time to order and receive the various components, and of course time for building and testing the unit. There typically will be a few orders to complete before I get to your build. There are component varieties, combinations and brands I have found to be top performers. You "pick and choose" the options, I build you a great sounding amp with them.  If you need one now, please check to see if one is "ready-to-ship".

The photos shown are of various previous builds, to provide visual examples. Generally speaking, most units look very similar when completed, but your specific unit will have all the special features or upgrades you have chosen.

Dynakit ST-35 / V-Cap ODAM capacitors / upgraded resistors



ST-35 TUBES (tubes not included)

The ST-35 amplifier uses the tubes listed below

You are not required to purchase tubes with the amplifier. Your amplifier will still be fully tested, but it will ship without tubes, unless you purchase tubes with it. If you want to order tubes with your ST-35 amplifier, view the ST-35 tubes page.



Be sure to check out the "ready-to-ship" units, they're assembled, tested and ready to go.

Dynakit ST-35 with V-Cap capacitors / upgraded resistors

Dynakit (Dynaco) ST-35 Tube Amplifier

Dynakit (Dynaco) ST-35 Tube Amplifier (typical wiring)

about the ST-35

The Dynaco ST-35 is often considered the best sounding of all Dynaco tube amplifiers. Despite endless and elaborate descriptions you hear about tube audio, there is no real way to convey the actual sound and experience in words. Tubes sound natural and more realistic. The presentation is vibrant, alive and soothing, extended periods of listening are a pleasant experience due largely to their inherent ability to produce even order harmonics. Careful consideration is given when choosing components for the amp that will contribute to, support and reveal the beautiful details and amazing sonic characteristics of vacuum tubes. Even order harmonics are favorable to the western musical scale and are more pleasing to the ear than the harsh and fatiguing odd order harmonics generated with solid state.  Nothing in the recording is left out, and nothing is added. The magic is that you hear it all without any harshness.

Want to hear what actual owners have to say? Click here to read some of their reviews.

This "giant killer" utilizes solid state rectification, independent circuit boards for each channel, EL84 output tubes and a dual triode driver stage, the ST-35 is nothing short of amazing. The holographic detail, warmth and sparkle of the ST-35 makes for an unforgettable "tube audio experience".

Includes the Dynakit C-354 choke which drops the noise floor substantially. (note: the C-354 is now varnish dipped by the manufacturer and will have a slight golden-yellow appearance. This process improves moisture resistance, improves electrical insulation and reduces vibration)

The standard build includes carbon film film resistors. There are also several options for upgrading. The resistors are very important to the sound quality, as well as contributing to the reliable operation of the amplifier. Sonically, carbon film and carbon composition type resistors are more tube friendly and upgrading to these will make the amplifier sound its best.

The standard build includes one Illinois Capacitor (.22uF / 400V) radial leaded Metallized Polypropylene Film bypass capacitor and a pair of axial lead CDE 940C (.1uF / 600V) Metallized Polypropylene Film coupling capacitors. Although these caps sound superb in this amplifier, see the ST-35 upgrade options page if you prefer something different.

The circuit boards include Belton Micalex tube sockets (standard contacts). There are options available for upgrading the gold contact tube sockets for the driver tubes on the circuit board.

The current production Dynakit PA-774 transformer for the ST-35 is made for modern day voltages (125 Volt), you do not need a voltage reducer (bucking transformer) like you would with a vintage amplifier. A great deal of research and engineering went into making these new transformers match or exceed every aspect of the originals.

The new Dynakit Z-565 output transformers have been updated for 4 and 8 ohm output. The original Z-565's were 8 and 16 Ohm but 16 Ohm speakers are rarely seen or used these days. Again, a great deal of research and engineering went into making certain these new transformers matched or exceeded every aspect of the originals.

The standard build ST-35 uses cathode follower bias so there's no checking, setting and adjusting needed. The Bias Balance Control can be installed on your Dynakit / Dynaco ST-35 special order build. If you want to be in control of the bias and have individual tube biasing, The Bias Balance Control Upgrade is the way to have it.

A 6 amp toggle type power switch is included on the standard build, located on the back. The ST-35 never had a power switch, the amp was designed to plug into the switched accessory outlet on your preamp. If you want to control this amp like that, just leave the power switch in the on position and plug the amp into an adequately rated switched outlet on your preamplifier. The amp will come on and shut off with the preamp.

The standard build includes a thermistor / inrush current limiter (CL-90) to provide a more gradual, transformer/tube friendly power up.

Be sure to check out the optional "connectivity" PCB. This provides a nice and tidy way to connect the wiring, diodes and the inrush current limiter. It does away with the antiquated and messy terminal lug strip.

The amp is fully wired with 600 volt rated stranded wire and soldered with Kester 67/37 eutectic solder.

The standard build includes original style screw terminals for the speaker connections for both 4Ω and 8Ω ohm capability. You can upgrade to binding posts which allow use of banana plugs or bare wire if you choose, but you will only have either 4Ω or 8Ω ohm output capability due to space restriction of the chassis openings. 

If you choose to keep the standard screw terminal outputs, check out the spade screw terminal to banana plug / binding post adapters to make speaker connections neat and easy.

The Dynaco ST-35 Tube Amplifier provides the ultimate in audiophile quality and sonic satisfaction. It is simply one of the best tube amplifiers available. This timeless classic is crafted with modern components and old world engineering.  The two technologies converge to produce an exquisite soundscape. This amplifier offers an unparalleled musical experience that will elevate any audio setup.

Be sure to check out the "ready-to-ship" units, they're assembled, tested and ready to go.

See the options and Upgrades available for the Dynakit ST-35

Manuals, biasing instructions and initial set up printouts / diagrams all included. Email and phone support provided if needed.

ST-35 Dimensions:

ST-35 with CDE 940 caps + Carbon Film and Carbon Comp Resistors

shown with standard screwdown output terminals

shown with barrier block output terminals

Dynakit ST-35 with connectivity board installed

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