DYNACO PAS-3 Tube Preamplifier

SEE HOW TO BUY ONEwhere can I buy a new Dynaco or Dynakit PAS 3, PAS, PAS2, PAS 3X or PAS clone Tube Preamplifier. Get a new PAS preamp here. PAS for sale.

$1,100.00 + $90.00 FedEx (insured Shipping)

This is the special order PAS-3  (also called PAS-M) Tube Preamplifier. Base price shown is without upgrades, options or tubes. 

These preamps have a 3-4 week production period, as each unit is custom built and tailored to your liking. It takes some time to order and receive the components, and of course time for building and testing the unit. There will usually be a few orders to complete before I get to your build. The component varieties, brands and features offered are proven top performers. You can buy with confidence, I'll build you a great sounding preamp. If you need one now, please check to see if one is "ready-to-ship".

The photos shown are of previous units, with upgrades, to provide visual examples. Generally speaking, most units look very similar when completed.

Dynaco / Dynakit PAS-3 Tube Preamplifier (standard build)


The aluminum faceplate has updated (modern) nomenclature printed on around the selector knob, it matches the selectors functions and also the rear panel orientation and label. Again, the indicated selector functions match the rear panel labeling and follow the designated order on both the faceplate and the rear panel label. There are no provisions for a filter, loudness or tape monitor switch, so those functions are eliminated. The stereo to mono blend switch is also omitted, and the volume control is relocated above the balance knob as shown in the photo. The rear panel has jacks for 5 line level (high level) inputs and one phono input and there's a phono ground post. 



PAS PREAMPLIFIER TUBES  (tubes not included)

The PAS Tube Preamplifier uses the tubes listed below

You are not required to order or purchase tubes with the preamp.

If you choose to source your own tubes, your preamplifier will still be fully tested, but it will ship without tubes. 

If you want to order tubes with the preamp, please view the PAS tubes page.


Dynaco / Dynakit PAS-3 Tube Preamplifier

where can I buy a new Dynaco or Dynakit Tube Preamplifier. Get a new PAS preamp here.

Dynakit PAS-3 Tube Preamplifier with Alps Volume and Gold Sockets

where can I buy a new Dynaco or Dynakit Tube Preamplifier. Get a new PAS preamp here. 

Dynaco / Dynakit PAS-3 Tube Preamplifier (rear view)

About the Dynakit PAS-3 tube preamplifier

This preamp is also referred to as a PAS-M. This preamplifier retains that amazing warmth and sparkle, but still creates the holographic and detailed presentation that is missing in so many modern designs. I've heard the terms "most important preamp in the world, most significant and most famous" used, referring to the original PAS. Taking into account the most desirable qualities and addressing the weak points of the original design, this PAS-3 steps into the ring, updated with a full set of performance advantages. A perfect companion to drive your new or vintage tube amplifier. This PAS outperforms its vintage predecessors in both output quality and reliability. 

Careful consideration is given when choosing components for the preamp that will contribute to, support and reveal the beautiful details and amazing sonic characteristics of vacuum tubes. Even order harmonics are favorable to the western musical scale and are more pleasing to the ear than the harsh and fatiguing odd order harmonics generated with solid state. 

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PAS Preamp Dimensions:

*These are the maximum measurements taken at the tallest point, widest point and a depth measurement that was taken from the outer edge of the rear mounted RCA jacks to the front edge of the control knobs. (depth measurements are without cables attached)

Dynaco / Dynakit PAS-3 Tube Preamplifier (Typical Wiring)

Dynakit PAS-3 Tube Preamplifier with Alps Volume + Premium Tube Sockets

Dynaco Preamp 

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